Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year
to all of you

The Elaborate Chest
A small team of investigators was sent to discover the truth of a man who made miracles. When they got to the home of the man, they found instead an elaborate chest, which took up much of the house. The chest had many strange drawers and curious sliding doors. There were heavy handles and delicate latches. There were swinging compartments and folding mirrors and nesting chambers. Inside the chest the investigators found many curious things. They found clothes of an odd cut, with small stories embroidered on their pockets. They found beautiful boxes filled with dried dead things. They found shoes that were missing vital parts, and hats with too many additions. They found a cat with six kittens, and ten paper dolls, and a dozen old keys, and a lonely glove. They found small bundles tied up with bright sashes, and empty tins with labels long worn thin. They found milk teeth and seashells and smooth river stones. They found instruments they could not figure out, and tools they could not fix. The investigators spent a long time looking through the elaborate chest. At last the people who paid the investigators demanded to hear. Has the man made miracles? 
Come, said the investigators, come see the elaborate chest.