The Frog Prince

Princess by a lily pond
like a pearl in its bed
of soft oyster flesh.
Sitting with her chastity
tight with pride.

Toss her golden ball,
bright as maiden teeth,
heavy as an ovary
flushed with life.
Into the pool,

Frog by a princess;
pretty as a tumor,
handsome as a scrotum.
Whispers, long sticky tongue
in her small scalloped ear.
Throat stretched to bellow
a contract, a bargain,
an exchange.

What does any girl have
that every toad lacks?
Rarer than diamonds,
sweeter than gold.
The caress of young love
on the ugly, the clammy,
the forgotten.

The oldest exchange
of goods for rewards.
Her toy returned
for his pleasure granted;
home to meet father
and talk of his daughter,
home to eat dinner
supped from her lips.

Home to her bed
to lie down beside her.
Green skin to white flesh
rolling in silk sheets,
slick with affection
and warty desires.

Loathing her self
as much as her suitor
she hurls the green spoiler
against a wall ,

The gore transforms
into a prince.
But elderly,
with bulging eyes,
and liver spots,
and sagging skin
beneath his neck.

He smiles the grin
of the dispossessed
who find themselves
in control, at last.
And has a chain made
for the golden ball
to wear in his pocket
like a lump of sugar.
To always tempt her
for his pleasure.
To bind her close
to his moist skin.

What bauble fetches
youth into folly?
Who gives the attention?
Who gets the reward?
Give back my youth
in a shower of kisses.
Give me your promise
and I’ll take you to bed.

- From Eating the Child Within,

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