Sightings - May 12, 2010

Sightings - May 12, 2010

A Gray Whale off
the coast of Israel
where no Gray Whale should be;
not off Israel's shore,
not in the Mediterranean Sea,
not even in the Atlantic Ocean.
The first such sighting
in some 300 years.

'Lost,' said the scientists,
agitated by such glory
seen so close to where
former glories still rock
the waves of our world.

And then a Giant Oarfish,
the 'King of Herrings',
surfaces, dead, in Swedish waters
for the first time in
130 years.

As all the while
black oil pours
into the Gulf of Mexico,
and all man's brilliance
can not solve
such primal forces

If fish could talk
and portents read
would we see
what nature knows?

What leviathan waits
against our shore?
Rising slowly to remind us
that all man is born
a slave to time -
to life's ebb and flow
and ruin.