Seven in One Blow

Seven in One Blow

Jack picks up a John
his beanstalk proud
and hung.
"Let's play giant killer"
he laughs
and watches as the fat prole
slides down his pole.
Nimble and quick
his candlestick.

Jack eats magic beans
which give him stamina
for the long haul,
for the golden goose that lays
his golden eggs,
for the fairy that sings
his supper;
an operetta, a libretto,
a fellatio.

Jack has his head in the clouds,
a hero of no small talent,
stronger than ten men
in the beauty contest.
Precious as a pea,
humble as the blood
of an Englishman.
The fat of the land
a mosaic at his feet,
beneath a carpet of clouds.

Who climbs down with Jack
to goose-down pillows
and golden sheets?
What ungainly ogre
will eat him up?
His flesh so sweet,
a succulent morsel
sucked dry as rusk.

Here lies Jack,
all hollow eyed,
sweet puss in boots.
His life a rootless
climbing vine.
Thick stemmed, broad leaved,
fakir's rope
to nowhere.