Brunette Corner

Brunette Corner
Three Young Ladies Discuss Another as a New Male Acquaintance Listens In

Miss A: “She looks just like a witch, doesn’t she? She came with this guy who I’ve been flirting with seriously, and I invite him, and he says, can I bring a friend, and he brings this girl!”

Miss B: “She had to ask me if it was ok for her to use my bathroom! I mean, come on!”

Miss C: “Did you see what she was wearing?”

Miss A: “I swear, she looks just like a witch. I mean, just exactly like a witch!”

Miss B: “Can I tell you what I think? I can’t believe he brought her. That was so rude.”

Miss C: “She was so rude!”

Miss A: “Like if you were to describe a witch, she’d be it. ”

Mister D: “What’s she look like?”

In unison: “She’s blonde.

From - A Vile Old Queen’s Guide To Etiquette And Proper Living