The Aviary

If God is a Dove
cooing our law,
then are Humans an Eagle
entrails in claw?

If Honor is a Crane
poised on one leg,
then is Pride a Peacock
atop a cracked egg?

If Joy is the Rooster
crowing the morn,
then is Dread the Raven
cawing forlorn?

If Wishes are Starlings
both weaving and fleet,
then are Curses Vultures
that chew out our sweet?

If Fate is an Albatross
hung huge cross our flight,
then is Luck an Owl,
both wisdom and fright?

If Love is the Robin
hope burnt with each cheep,
then is Loss the Nightingale
who sings us to weep?

And am I the Crow;
the trickster, the wit?
Or I am the Dodo;
fat, foolish, unfit?

Will You be the Falcon,
hearts pierced with your dive?
Or are You the Canary,
who warns our demise?