The National Big Murder Show

This Week In Review:

Psycho-Con and The National Big Murder Show

Champions of the recent national rise in hatred toward our government inevitably support their convictions with examples of the corruption at every level of leadership; local, regional, and national. To suspect less of government might be naive. One must recall that in every level of government there exists not only demagogues and greedy liars, but personal heroics, selfless acts, and diligence for the greater good. Thankfully, those countless quiet stories of justice and fortitude are, much to our mutual pleasure, never told. 

Instead we have The Golden Book of One Hundred Serial Killers, for ages 8+., complete with accompanying sticker sets of victims. For the younger audience, My Favorite Psychos Coloring Book, allows even the most spatially challenged toddler’s hands to produce works leaden with content. While the segue from political hardball to mass murder has historically been a short walk, one can not escape the recent ruling in favor of Jack and Jill and The Bucket of Blood as a primary cause for collective anxieties now so feverishly embraced by the nation.

At Psycho-Con, and it’s demographic rival, The National Big Murder Show, political mass murder is the new crowd favorite. Lines at the new Stalin stimulation games were long, and by necessity, tortuous. The Ghengis Kahn licensed school supplies were top movers, and even the perennially successful Charles Manson figurines were overshadowed by the upstart fever over the newly released Covert Black Ops Trading Cards, and remotely controlled Predator Drone Action Toys.

Manny Tuckhaven, a seasoned mass murderer collector (M&M in the trade), believes the new resurgence in political mass murder is a welcome break from the more traditional obsessions with low-volume insane criminals, or LVIC. "The LVICs will always be a part of the American Dream, but the new kids are bringing all those classics out of retirement, like Goebbels and Napolean and Panama. With support like this, I’m sure we'll see some fresh blood in the arena in no time.”

The National Big Murder Show is at the Convention Center now through the end of the Month. Free admission for documented victims of collateral damage.